Podcast Recap: #598 – Joey CoCo Diaz

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Guest Background: Joey “CoCo” Diaz (@madflavor) is a Cuban-American stand-up comedian and actor known for his recurring role as Joey on the TV series My Name is Earl, as well as in movies such as The Longest Yard and Taxi. He also hosts a podcast, The Church of What’s Happening Now

Topics discussed :

TV/Movie Industry

UFO/Alien Sightings

Rude/Intrusive people

Comedy Clubs/Owners

Impact of Podcasting on Comedy

Drug testing/Jon Jones’ cocaine use

Editor’s note: Podcast dominated by discussion of comedy clubs around the country and personal experiences with club owners. Do not ask Joey Diaz for a tape. Clip below of Joey’s rant about rude people:

#597 Podcast Recap – Magnus Walker & Alex Ross

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Guest information : Magnus Walker (@magnuswalker) is a driver, collector and builder of Porsches. He’s in a short documentary called “Urban Outlaw” (video below) featuring his move from hobby to successful business. Alex Ross (@sharkwerks) is the owner, and co-founder, of Sharkwerks, which creates dialed-in, tweaked-out modern Porsches for Porsche enthusiasts.

Topics :

Porsche performance

Career paths in England

Transforming your passion or hobby into a career

Fast cars

History of Porsche

Editor’s Note : Gearheads are getting some love here with a lot of talk about high performance cars from two people very qualified to be doing so. If you are into cars, don’t miss this one. Be ready for English accents.

Bonus : Urban Outlaw documentary below

#596 – Brian Stann

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Guest Background : Brian Stann (@brianstann) is a retired mixed martial artist and U.S. Marine, who competed as a Middleweight in the UFC. He is a former WEC Light Heavyweight Champion and is currently an analyst & commentator for the UFC. You can find more info at his Wikipedia page.

Topics :


Steroid use in MMA

Jon Jones Controversy


Education system in America

Editor’s note : If you are into the UFC podcasts, then this will be right up your alley. The entire first half is dominated by conversations on steroid use and examples of its use in MMA.

The Joe Rogan Experience: 5 Year Anniversary

The Joe Rogan Experience just had its 5 year anniversary episode, #592 with Bert Kreischer. Here’s a special 5-year video compilation with some of the podcast’s best moments. Enjoy:


Joe Rogan’s Susquehanna Weed [animation]

A classic moment from Joe Rogan Experience #128 with Joey Diaz, brilliantly animated by paulytoon. Enjoy:



*You can also see Paul’s first JRE animation (Ultimate ‘Oh Brian’ Moment) here