Podcast Recap: #202 – Dom Irrera

Dom Irrera makes his first appearance on the JRE. Find Dom’s tour schedule here.

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Timeline/Link Dump

8:30: Ads over/podcast begins
20:50: John Dodson on YouTube
26:28: Yellowstone Bear Attacks
Yellowstone grizzly death puts bear attacks in focus
Fatal bear attack in Yellowstone is the second this summer
34:44: Biggest feathered animal ever
Dinosaur Dig in China Turns Up Largest Known Feathered Animal
38:02: Redban’s Paparazzi story
48:46: Redban’s looking to date uglier girls; “Olive Garden” ugly
52:30: Foreigners don’t tip
What to tip, in 77 countries
1:02:20: Everyone go buy silk sheets! $40 (or less) on Amazon
1:13:30: Dom to Redban: “There’s some retard-esque about you.”
1:16:06: Dom discusses his alcoholism/Xanax usage
1:21:54: Nutritional value of cocaleaves
1:25:34: Dom about Redban: “he’s a very bright retard.”
1:34:45: Supreme Court of ComedyClip: Sinbad vs Tom Arnold
1:38:20: Getting back to Xanax
Xanax AddictionXanax and Alcohol
1:41:45: The character of Redban
1:46:00: Discussing the best comedians working today
2:00:25: Dom’s comedy schedule – Dom on twitter
2:01:00: Dom: “The only reason I would like to be gay is just to come out.”
2:05:55: Discussing cars and dogs
2:11:22: 9to5mac – Java security patch updateinfected macs map
2:15:25: Dallas Tornado – Video CoverageRaw VideoRaw Video
2:16:28: Wired: The NSA Is Building the Country’s Biggest Spy Center (Watch What You Say
2:17:55: Plugs Begin

Next podcast: Today (Friday, April 6th) at 5 p.m. PST with Jim Jefferies

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