Podcast Recap: #209 – Eddie Ifft

Eddie Ifft makes his second appearance on the JRE (#77)
Talkin’ Shit Podcast
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Timeline/Link Dump (synced with Ustream video)

4:25: Music starts, podcast begins
6:35: WODcast Podcast
8:15: HGH
What Is HGH Made of?
What is HGH and what does it do?
11:05: Chopper Read
Chopper (book)
Chopper’s history
16:00: Craig Titus
Craig Titus investigation
Craig Titus on 48 Hours
24:00: Passing out with heavy weights
1025 lb squat and pass out – Mike Guay (youtube)
Guy Tries To Lift over 300 Pounds & Passes Out! (youtube)
28:05: Man’s Search for Meaning by:¬†Viktor E. Frankl

33:00: Corrupt campaigns
35:45: America the Punchline
39:45: Our evolution
‘Hobbit’ island’s deeper history
Hobbit-Like Human Ancestor Found in Asia
42:00: Oh Brian
47:42: Eddie Ifft jello wrestling (youtube)
50:05: Joe beats up lesbian
58:10: Professional hot chick gone crazy
1:15:10: Bill Burr Tells Philly The Truth (O & A Traveling Virus) (youtube)
1:16:34: Joe Rogan Destroys Female Heckler in Edmonton (youtube)
1:19:18: Joe’s daughters have jiu-jitsu matches
1:22:58: Leopard Seals
National Geographic: Leopard Seals

1:32:42: Natural Wandering Spider
Natural Viagra: Spider Bite Causes Erection
Brazilian Wandering Spider, the Most Poisonous Spider in the World
1:38:17: Menstealia strikes again
1:49:20: The power of the podcast
Podcast Portal
1:52:45: Brian McCarthy
McCarthy on Talkin’ Shit (youtube)
The National Lampoon Interview Show
1:55:00: Doug Stanhope: Why I Like Dane Cook Better Than You
1:58:52: Rogan rant on success, passion, and happiness
2:13:05: Tommy Cooper dies on stage
2:15:12: How Eddie became a fitness nut/CrossFit
What is CrossFit? (youtube)
Inside the Cult of CrossFit
2:17:50: CrossFit/Ironman
CrossFit Demo with Rich Froning Jr (youtube)
David Goggins US Navy Seal Iron Man (youtube)
2:25:05: Eddie gets robbed
The Gift of Fear by Gavin de Becker

Today (4/26): Joey Diaz at 3 p.m. PST

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