#214 – Duncan Trussell

Duncan Trussell makes his 18th appearance on the JRE
Duncan Trussell Family Hour

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Timeline/Link Dump (synced with Ustream video)

8:25: Depression pills
Duncan’s interview with Ram Dass
The Harvard Psychedelic Club (book)
Joe’s theory of connecting with a new intelligence
3:05: Reactors in Fukushima
Joe Rogan on Fukushima and Nuclear Power
US firm EnergySolutions ready to advance into reactor decommissioning business in Japan
25:40: Summoning demons
Corrupt doctors/dentists
Inside the Mind of a Sociopath
The Sociopath Next Door by Martha Stout
37:00: Indian birth control
The Revolutionary New Birth Control Method for Men
The Best Birth Control In The World Is For Men
41:40: Diffusion of responsibility
43:40: Raping zombies/zombie movies
51:15: The Road
53:45: The Catholic Church molesting our species
57:30: Presidential Pardons
ProPublica – Presidential Pardons
Infoplease – Presidential Pardons
The Presidential Pardon Power by Jeffrey P. Crouch
1:04:45: Powerful Limelite
1:07:35: Arianny is single
1:13:15: Collateral Murder

New Blackwater video

1:28:38: Meditation and the brain
How Meditation May Change the Brain
Research reveals meditation changes brain
1:35:05: UFC 145 backflip contest
1:45:05: Lack of curiosity about the world
1:47:50: Duncan gets the magic Christian touch
1:55:50: South By Southwest
Messin’ with Texas: Why Doesn’t SXSW Pay its Comedians?

Duncan and Brian’s conflict
2:14:30: Peace Train!
Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam Calls For The Murder Of Salman Rushdie (youtube)
2:19:00: Rogan rant on treating everyone with respect
2:25:20: Peter Diamandis: We’re Living as Emperors and Kings Would Have Lived 100 Years Ago
2:27:00: Xbox Kinect
Augmented Reality Sandbox
2:30:25: Oh Duncan
2:31:40: Galaxy Note
2:34:40: Can the Government be fixed?
2:40:55: You Are Being Lied To
2:49:20: Wrapping up the Brian feud
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Andrew Dice Clay
Monday: Chael Sonnen
Tuesday: Michael Ruppert

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