#216 – Chael Sonnen

Chael Sonnen makes his JRE debut
The Voice of Reason: A V.I.P Pass to Enlightenment

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2:00: Ads over/podcast begins
7:40: Kratom
Kratom: Some Say the Latest “Legal Drug” Is a Harmless Herbal Tonic. The DEA Says It’s Far More Sinister
Kratom (Mitrogyna Speciosa) – The New Legal High
13:30: Chael discusses his experience with the commission
22:18: Mike Tyson’s Robin Givens/Brad Pitt story
26:55: Reggie Bush has Joe’s car
28:15: Chael passes on The Ultimate Fighter
31:30: Chael Sonnen piss #1
33:05: No more Foie Gras
Anthony Bourdain on No Reservations, Foie Gras Not Cruel (youtube)
The Foie Gras Assembly Line (youtube)
38:50: PETA assholes
41:15: Motorcycle hits deer

45:00: Frank Mir set back
Frank Mir explains his motorcycle accident, broken leg, puke helmet and more (Video)
48:10: Alistair Overeem’s suspension
Reem Team: Alistair Overeem has a ‘reasonable explanation’ for why his T/E ratio was ‘off’
53:15: Rogan’s UFC commentary
57:45: Conditioning in combat sports
1:02:35: Bob Sapp vs Pudz (youtube)
1:04:45: The illegitimacy of Pride
1:08:38: Betting on MMA
1:10:25: Joe’s Dan Henderson story
1:17:35: Cro Cop’s fake fights
1:19:50: The psyche of a breaking athlete
1:26:45: The development of Chael Sonnen
What are the Benefits of Sports Psychology
Sports Psychology – Benefits Of Psychology In Sports
1:32:15: Chael gets tapped by Anderson
1:38:45: Chael Sonnen piss #2
Samsung Galaxy Note
1:44:20: Chael buys Leben’s stories

1:46:15: Chael’s experience in Brazil/Safety in Brazil
2:02:25: VIP Pass to Enlightenment
2:02:40: Chael Sonnen knows D.B. Cooper
D.B. Cooper Exclusive: Did Niece Provide Key Evidence?
FBI reveals it has new suspect 40 years after America’s most elusive fugitive parachuted from a hijacked plane
Suspects in the DB Cooper skyjacking – sketches, pictures and comparisons
2:10:15: Bigfoot/Sasquatch discussion
Bigfoot caught on tape (youtube)
Man Admits: I was ‘Bigfoot’
Jane Goodall comments on Sasquatch
2:21:15: Sonnen thinks Redban is intelligent
2:23:45: Joe’s rant on fixing the system
2:29:20: Brian Stann for President
2:36:55: Unusual foods

Today: Michael Ruppert

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