#219 – Joey Diaz

Joey makes his unprecedented 20th appearance!
Joey’s Blog
Joey’s documentary

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Timeline/Link Dump (synced with Ustream video)

4:00: Music starts/podcast begins
Discovering porn
Sexuality is creepy
Porn industry created by abuse
Porn use and child abuse
20:10: Marilyn Lange
23:00: Traci Takes Tokyo - Wiki
29:55: Emerald Ash Boro
Vacation Season Begins High Risk Period For Spread Of Emerald Ash Borer
Ohio’s war against the emerald ash borer is over: the bug won

34:25: Joe’s wicked coyote impression
40:20: MMA talk
Daniel Cormier’s Wrestling Style And Why It Is So Uniquely Suited to┬áMMA
43:20: Cael Sanderson
Cael Sanderson to sit out trials
54:40: Will Smith slaps reporter, manages not to let it ruin his week
55:15: Burt Reynolds
The Slap-Happy Burt Reynolds
58:40: David Schultz slaps piss out of reporter (youtube)
1:03:00: The Ultimate Warrior
1:07:10: Tom Platz

1:13:25: The Dolce Diet: Living Lean
1:17:35: Economy hitting smaller cities
Experts: Bad economy, more access sparking rise in gambling
1:22:30: Namath: Beaver Falls to Broadway
1:26:50: The Dakota (not open to the public)
NY Architecture – The Dakota
1:33:25: Anderson Cooper’s Firehouse: CNN Anchor Buys $4.3 Million New York Home
1:39:30: Malibu Real Estate
Mike Tyson’s Ohio Mansion
1:47:15: Head trauma in sports
Dementia pugilistica
When Does Boxing-Related Head Trauma Become Too Much?
1:53:55: Joey goes deep on edibles
1:59:40: Joey Diaz: Smoking reefer will be obsolete in one year
2:04:20: 180 Bales Of Marijuana Found Floating In Ocean; Harbor Patrol Confiscates 8,068 Pounds
2:06:15: Penn Jillette’s marijuana rant (youtube)
2:11:15: Joe Diaz in rare form – rant about the prison business
2:16:15: Joey Diaz- “It’s either blue cheese with wings or go fuck your mother.”
2:20:55: Joey Diaz’s standing ovation

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1 comment for “#219 – Joey Diaz

  1. kaine duckworth
    May 26, 2012 at 4:16 pm

    Great, maybe awesome which ever makes you drop whatever shit you’re doing and listen. I’m so happy that I found this podcast. So many laughs, fan for life.

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