#221 – Shane Smith

Shane makes his 2nd appearance on the JRE (#164)

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Timeline/Link Dump (synced with Ustream video)

4:55: Music begins/podcast begins
8:10: Dan Hardy: The Outlaw
10:45: Shane’s UFC weekend
11:55: Getting drunk
14:40: The latest from Vice
Cables from Kabul
US general: Taliban use of child suicide bombers ‘utterly despicable’
21:45: Negotiating with the Taliban
Exclusive: Secret U.S., Taliban talks reach turning point
US starts negotiations with Taliban (RT)
23:40: Why are we in Afghanistan?
Why are we in Afghanistan for the long haul?
29:30: Seeing humanity at its worst
VICE: Going Undercover with Somalia’s Oil-Thirsty Pirates
VICE: Hell on Earth: Simon Reeve in Somalia
34:05: Fishing Without Nets

37:55: Contract killers in Karachi
Karachi Kills VICE
Residents flee Pakistan Karachi ‘war zone’
42:55: Mexico Drug Cartels
Mexico government sought to withhold drug war death statistics
50:00: The world controlled by Government
55:10: 72 Percent Of Black Kids Raised By Single Parent, 25% Overall In U.S.
58:55: Fast and Furious
Fast And Furious: 22 Shocking Facts About The Scandal That Could Bring Down The Obama Administration
US guns fuel Mexico drug war? The politics behind the issue.
1:04:30: Can we fix the world?
1:08:45: The Earth is a growth

1:15:55: History of humanity
Desert glass: Ancient atomic residue, or evidence of a meteorite impact?
1:21:35: Murdered children in Syria
UN counts 32 children murdered in Syria
Syria Houla massacre: Survivors recount horror
1:22:30: Terence Mckenna
Mindbook: Stoned Ape Theory
1:28:00: Shane Smith: Online TV
1:31:05: Jason Russell: Naked meltdown
1:36:35: The internet is our only hope
Twitter, Facebook and YouTube’s role in Arab Spring
1:42:25: Julian Assange
Wikileaks’ Julian Assange records video blog of his house arrest
1:48:20: What went wrong in Afghanistan
Heroin, the CIA in Afghanistan, 9/11 and the Mujahadeen

Why Britain’s pledge to end Afghanistan’s deadly heroin trade has failed

1:52:55: Vice: Krokodil Tears
Colombian Devil’s Breath (Scopolamine)

Today: Mike Dolce
Tomorrow: Bobcat Goldthwait

2 comments for “#221 – Shane Smith

  1. Alex Matthews
    June 3, 2012 at 12:14 am

    Thanks for your work on this website. Not sue who you are, but I love it.

  2. MrSpacely
    June 7, 2012 at 12:49 am

    I agree, thanks to your hard-work I can easily skim through the podcast recaps and select the ones that interest me most

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