#246 – Maynard James Keenan

Maynard makes his first appearance on the JRE.

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2:08: Music starts/podcast begins
4:17: Prohibition in the US
7:30: Wine making is very difficult and expensive
11:15: World’s best cigars grown in the Vuelta Abajo area in Cuba
Cigar Regions
13:44: Maynard briefly describes the process of producing wine from grapes
19:27: Gracie family’s impact on martial arts
23:28: Beer san do – drunk martial arts training
27:32: Marcelo Garcia Jiu Jitsu breaks down JJ the way chess players break down chess and trains former chess champ Josh Waitzkin (Searching for Bobby Fischer movie subject)
Marcelo Garcia’s Virutal Academy
35:17: Maynard’s town in Jerome Arizona was a billion dollar copper mining town in the 1920’s
40:50: Bizarre area of Denver like ‘Twin Peaks’ on steroids….16th Street Promenade area of Denver
41:20: Broadsterdam area of Denver home of medical marijuana shops, bakeries, etc.
45:10: Kundalini Yoga and “breath of fire” can be similar to psychedelic experience
48:30: Joe quotes Joni Mitchell song ‘Woodstock’, covered by Crosby, Stills, Nash – YouTube
49:50: Maynard reads poem given to him by a homeless man … poem was written by Chief Tecumseh of the Shawnee Nation, he died in 1813 –
56:00: Val Kilmer


[ustream vid=24286818hid=0 w=480 h=296]

1:12: “Ordeal poisons” as a ritual to reach new levels in life
4:15: Military bait and switch
4:50: Joe feared fighting religious opponents
6:12: American soldier throws away his medals, describes being rewarded with extra leave time for using a knife to kill the enemy – YouTube
10:46: Rebuild America by educating human beings
Education and Infrastructure: Rebuilding America
14:00: Brother’s Keeper documentary. Pigs show fear at sight of shotgun
The Truth Behind Brother’s Keeper
17:55: Puscifer music video, ‘Conditions of my parole’ – YouTube
19:20 Boston is cool but it’s too cold and is the dry cunt capitol of the world
22:39: Bill Hicks joke about Satan fucking and impregnating John Davidson, host of “That’s Incredible,” who then shits out Oprah or Jeraldo Rivera
27:20: David Cross – the originator of alternative comedy

30:17: Mitch Hedberg – one of Joe’s favorite comedians
33:40: What’s next for Anderson Silva?
41:27: Vision Quest movie, actress Linda Fiorentino
46:00: Angelina Jolie is nuts
46:50: Lindsay Lohan has some big ass titties – YouTube
50:20: The passing of Bill Hicks
53:30: Rupert Sheldrake: biologist, author, telepathy research, morphic resonance, powers of animals, psychic pets, dogmatic skepticism, media skeptics
59:13: Fibonacci sequence in Tools’ lateralus – YouTube
1:05:12: Trent Reznor grew his neck
Trent Reznor of NIN Gained a Ton of Muscle. Did He Ruin His Look?
1:05:32: Maynard hip throws and chokes fan onstage – YouTube
1:27:00: Maynard’s wine website

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