#247 – Tito Ortiz

Tito makes his first appearance on the JRE

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4:44: Music starts/podcast begins
6:58: Cobra Choke – YouTube
11:00: Alistair Overeem – Alistair Overeem Tests Positive for Steroids
22:00: Tito talks about getting a “reality check”, becoming a man
25:40: How Tito dealt with his parents lack of attention
30:19: Tito’s Big Bear, CA property for sale – YouTube
37:00: Tito’s neck surgery video – YouTube
49:01: Julian Jackson KO’s Terry Norris – YouTube
55:30: Tito Ortiz submits Ryan Bader – YouTube
59:40: Triangle Choke Escape – YouTube
1:09:35: Fighting is a business
1:14:07: Tito’s reason for aspiring to be a better person
1:16:32: Tito regrets some of the things he said to Dana White
1:17:35: Dana White changed when he became the president of the UFC, not the same person he was when he was Tito’s manager
1:23:55: Tito was paralyzed for 2 minutes training for UFC 106
1:26:30: Getting fired from TUF season 11
1:36:30: Breaking the cycle of shitty parenting
1:37:55: Celebrity Apprentice – YouTubeYouTube
1:44:40: Developing fighters, UFC vs. Boxing

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