#323 – Freeway Ricky Ross

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Timeline Recap (synced with Ustream video)

13:40: Fake id badge?
15:00: Ads over/podcast begins
16:25: Ari Shaffir and the TSA argument
18:25: Justifying your anger
21:00: Sonos

22:30: The attraction of Asians
30:40: Sketch artists
33:00: Not allowed to say “medical marijuana”
34:35: Marilyn Monroe and herpes
What is The History of Herpes and How is it Spread?
36:55: Barbara Walter’s chickenpox
38:25: Reality Television
Former ‘Storage Wars’ Star Files Lawsuit Claiming Show Is Fake
Jersey Shore Exposed! PROOF IT’S FAKE! (youtube)
42:25: Bigfoot/Jane Goodall
Chimp expert Jane Goodall says she is ‘fascinated’ by Bigfoot
43:40: Melissa Etheridge’s ideas (#321)
47:20: The simulation theory
50:35: World’s Worst Petkeeper

51:30: **Rick Ross enters**
54:00: Joe puts on Rick Ross’s shirt
55:00: 50 Cent and the fake Rick Ross
TMZ: Rick Ross Shooting
50 Cent blasts Rick Ross on Twitter
57:00: The story of the fake Rick Ross
Miami Herald: Who is Rick Ross
1:00:25: Establishing your own success
1:03:05: The fake Rick Ross is a gift
1:04:05: Bill Waggoner, the world’s greatest spammer
Confessions of a Spam King
1:06:50: Downfalls of having the same name
1:08:00: Fake people in our culture/television
Former world’s oldest MMA fighter military credentials questioned
How Does the Media Affect our Culture
1:13:40: Correct ways to raise children
Our Children, Our Future
1:16:45: The prison system
By the Numbers: The U.S.’s Growing For-Profit Detention Industry

1:17:50: Importance of your environment
1:20:30: Legality of cigarettes
Should Cigarettes Be Illegal?
1:23:50: Getting high with Obama
1:26:05: Handling prison
1:30:20: Scared straight program
Scared Straight? Not Really
Beyond “Scared Straight” – Moving to Programs that Actually Work
1:32:40: Learning through your mistakes
1:34:00: C Carter
1:36:00: Pending court case
1:37:40: Russian woman Tattoos face
1:41:30: Iran-Contra affair
Cocaine, Iran Contra Scandal & The CIA (youtube)
1:45:10: Oliver North documentary?


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