#330 – Eddie Huang

@MrEddieHuangFresh Off The Boat

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5:00: Ads over/podcast begins
Egyptian culture
Building older than Egypt’s pyramids has been discovered in Wales
Gobekli Tepe: The World’s First Temple?
10:50: Life on Mars
‘Strongest evidence yet to there being life on Mars’
How We Will Terraform Mars
14:00: No Space for Lance Bass
19:00: The Mongols
Hardcore History: Mongols
The Mongol military might
21:55: North Korea
Tensions Rising With North Korea, but Dennis Rodman Is There
We Can’t Ignore North Korea’s Human Rights Record
23:40: The Oscars/Movies
-Zero Dark Thirty
-Wreck-It Ralph
-Grizzly Man
-Spirited Away
-Killa Season
32:30: 100 bags of heroin in ass
33:05: Killa Season Best Scene (youtube)
35:35: Putting objects in your ass
38:00: Tossing salad
43:20: Freedom of homosexuality
46:40: Finding sex online/OkCupid
Christian Mingle Rape Case
48:40: Jewish girls
52:15: Problems with body image
57:35: Eddie’s work with Vice
Fresh Off The Boat
59:30: Eddie’s bad trip on edibles
1:03:15: Cop’s 911 call about pot brownies overdose
1:05:55: GPen
1:07:55: Smoking with strangers
1:10:25: The Chinese language
Differences Between Mandarin and Cantonese

1:14:25: Eddie’s experience at TED **
Eddie Huang Speaks at TED 2013

1 comment for “#330 – Eddie Huang

  1. Anonymous
    March 8, 2013 at 7:50 pm

    today, there was a old man looking around under my truck for his last pain pill. i helped him for a little while then went to take care of my buisness. when i came back to my truck he was still there. what should i have done? this is not a joke. other people were walking by like it was nothing. i tried to help him but…………………….
    love your podcast
    Trent….. bay area

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